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How to Get Free Cinema Tickets with Life Insurance

Have you seen the price of a trip to the cinema lately? At my local Cineworld the price of two adults and two children’s tickets now costs around £28!

If you’re anything like me you probably think that’s expensive, so I’d like to show you how you can get these ticket’s for free – saving around £9 per adult and £5 per child every week.

But before I do I need to tell you…there is a ‘catch’.

What’s the Catch?

Well, there are 2 ‘catches’ actually.

Number #1 Steps

life insurance cinema ticketsIf you’re already active for example, you walk your child to school, you’re a stay-at-home parent, your on your feet a lot with your job or you exercise, then you’re probably already doing enough steps to earn the free tickets.

(Emily has proven that being a stay-at-home mum is the equivalent to a gym work out every day in terms of steps!)

Sorry, but if you’re not already doing these things, you would need to get moving – so if you aren’t active, this isn’t for you.

Basically to earn your cinema ticket’s, you’ll need to do one of these 3 things:

1. 12,500 steps in a day, or

2. 10,000 steps in a day twice in a week, or

3. 7,000 steps in a day three times in a week.

So how many steps do you do in an average day?

I bet that if you’re a stay-at-home parent you’ll be amazed at how many steps you actually do in an average day.

If you’re on your feet all day with your work or are just one of those people that likes to exercise you’ll already know this is very easy to achieve.

Fitbug-Orb-PhoneAll you need to do is measure your steps using a pedometer like a Fitbug or Fitbit.

Here’s a Fitbug Orb you can wear like a watch or put in your pocket. There’s loads of different types available on the market.

You can pick up a Fitbug for £25 using a 50% Vitality discount.

Another way is to use a free steps app that’s pre loaded onto your mobile phone. They do exactly the same thing.

Number #2 Vitality

The rewards scheme is run by the life insurer Vitality, so to get involved you do need to be one of their customers.

So if you haven’t got life insurance already or are thinking you could be better of with Vitality (because you are active and would appreciate the freebies), now could be a good time to compare.

To qualify you would need to be able to spend £20 a month on your cover and there’s a £3.30 monthly ‘Vitality Optimiser’ fee which activates an upfront premium discount, the rewards, freebies and cash back.

And because Vitality Optimiser will give you up to 40% upfront discount – it’s highly likely to be cheaper than any other insurer in the UK.

Why would Vitality offer free cinema tickets?

The reason Vitality rewards it’s customers is because they want you to be active.

They know that active customers are less likely to get sick, are less likely to die young and are more likely to live a long life.

This all amounts to customers that are less likely to make claims and are less expensive to look after!

Makes sense right?

2015-12-11_14-43-36This is exactly why, if you’re active already, Vitality are probably better for you than any other insurance.

Active people receive lower costs with big premium discounts, free cinema ticket’s and Starbucks, incentives like half price trainers and yearly cash back.

This all amounts to significant advantages that are almost impossible to beat.

Do you see how this makes sense now – especially for active people.

And let’s be honest a day’s work for a parent should be rewarded!

How to get free child cinema tickets

So as I’ve showed you one way of earning your free cinema tickets is to use a pedometer and record your steps.

free cinema tickets life insuranceBut you can also get free cinema ticket’s for your children.  If you’ve got your children covered with Vitality (normally costs around £3 a month extra per child), your steps would also earn them a free cinema ticket each week too.

So for you and your child to take a trip to Cineworld for example, would cost around £14 – but if you’re with Vitality, this would be free.

Free Starbucks each week

free starbucks life insuranceAs well as earning a free cinema ticket you’d also earn a free Starbuck’s drink each week.

That’s any handcrafted drink of any size.

My favourite is a ‘Venti Caramel Macchiato’ which would cost £3.75 but for Vitality customers who’ve done their steps it’s free, along with that cinema ticket it all starts to add up.

In fact over the long term if you keep recording your steps you’d also get other rewards like:

  • Up to £100 cash back every year
  • 50% Off Virgin Active Membership
  • 40% discount on British Airways flights
  • 50% Cash back at Evens Cycles
  • Up to 50% cash back at Lloyds pharmacy
  • 6 months Weight Watchers Pass for £30
  • …and lot’s more.

With the half Term holidays and long summer holidays coming up now could be the perfect time to consider getting this in place!

What other benefits are there?

Other benefits include 50% off Virgin Active gym membership.

How Mums Can Get 50% Off Virgin Active Gym MembershipThis can be a big saver for members because the cost of membership can be anywhere between £50 – £100 a month or more.

So the savings could be £25 – £50 month on this benefit alone.

Half price trainers

free cinema life insuranceAt Sweatshop online every member will get a pair of trainers at half price each year – including the kids covered on the policy.  With trainers as expensive as they are these days, getting them half price amounts to a decent benefit.

50% Cash Back on a bike at Evans Cycles

free cinema life insuranceAgain you can buy a bike at Evans Cycles every 3 years and get half the cash back in 4 instalments over the following 12 months.

On a bike up to the value of £1,000 would mean a saving of £500 – again a great deal.

6 months weight watchers pass for £30

weight-watchers-smallPurchase a £30 pass and if you attend 2 meetings a month in the first 6 months they’ll extend the pass for a further 6 months. And if you reach your Weight Watchers Goal Weight you’ll have your £30 refunded. That saving is worth more than £200 a year.

Other benefits included are 75% off health breaks at champneys, 50% off Fitbug, Polar and Garmin activity tracking devices and much more.

So what does the insurance cost?

In everyday life we’d normally expect to pay more for a product or a service that is of a higher quality or has more benefit to us.

Fortunately for us that logic doesn’t apply here.

Here is an example of prices for £700,000 Term life insurance for a non-smoker.

Vitality Term Life Prices


Amount of Cover

Total Premium

30 £700,000 £25.73
32 £700,000 £28.98
34 £700,000 £32.49
36 £700,000 £38.66

Correct as of May 2016. Quotes for a 25 year term policy on Vitality’s Optimiser and includes the £3.30 Vitality Optimiser fee.

How does Vitality Compare to Other Insurers?

Because active people are better customers for Vitality they don’t pay any more – in fact they pay less!

Let me show you some examples.

Here’s an example of how Vitality compares to other leading UK insurers for £150,000 of whole life insurance.

Whole Life Comparison


Cover Amount


Vitality Optimiser £150,000 £31.21
LV £150,000 £65.67
Scottish widows £150,000 £68.32
Zurich £150,000 £71.55
AIG £150,000 £72.33
Aegon £150,000 £83.07
Royal London £150,000 £88.07
Legal & General £150,000 £135.05

Correct as of May 2016. Quotes for whole of life insurance include Interest Rate Optimiser & Vitality Optimiser. Also includes the £3.30 Vitality Optimiser fee. 

You could save more than the premiums cost

So as you can see you could get started with Vitality from just £23.30 a month.

So do you think you could save more on the benefits mentioned than the cost of the cover?

Plus the fact that the rewards program encouraging you to be active meaning you could be less likely to get a serious illness and live longer too!

Sounds strange but makes sense doesn’t it?

It’s a genuine win-win and could be perfect for your family.

What do you think?

Could Vitality be right for you?

If you would like to get a price for Vitality insurance and a personalised savings illustration please get in touch here.

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Next Time

Next week I’ll tell you all about how once you’ve got used to the vitality rewards scheme you may want to look into including some serious illness cover.

Vitality’s approach to this is very different and actually covered over 170 conditions vs the average critical illness policy that covered around 45.

Until next week – stay active!


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