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How to Get 67% Off Vitality Whole Life Insurance

My last article looked at 3 ways to leave your child £150,000 inheritance and Vitality whole life insurance was one.

We saw how you could reduce your premium from £84 to £54 a month for £150,000 whole life cover by getting active.

I showed you how I do this by getting a health check at a Lloyds pharmacy, going for a dentist check up and wearing a Fitbit.

We looked at how whole of life insurance is the perfect way to protect your family and leave them a cash inheritance.

But now let me show you how you can make it even better and more affordable.

There’s an extra add-on that can reduce your premium even further, from £84 a month to just £31 a month for the same £150,000 whole life cover!

That’s a saving of £53 a month – a 67% discount!

This huge discount is making it possible for parents like us to protect our family and leave them a substantial inheritance.

It’s a new add-on from Vitality called ‘Interest Rate Optimiser’.

But let’s remind ourselves why we’re looking at whole of life insurance in the first place.

Why Vitality whole life insurance?

Only whole of life insurance gives you the ability to leave your family an inheritance.

But surprisingly only around 3%* of life insurance sold in the UK today is underwritten whole of life insurance.

Unlike the much more common ‘Term Insurance’, whole of life insurance can run for the rest of your life meaning it can guarantee an inheritance to your family – regardless of what age you live to.

That’s hugely reassuring for parents like us.

But there’s always been a problem with whole life insurance.

And this is why only 3% of underwritten life insurance sold in the UK today is whole of life insurance.

The number 1 reason why whole of life insurance is not more popular is because it isn’t ‘cheap’.

It’s valuable due to the fact that one day it will have to pay out – but it’s not ‘cheap’ compared to Term insurance.

Look at these price comparisons of Term policy VS Whole Life policy for a 35-year-old non-smoker.

Comparison of Term vs Whole of Life


Cover Amount

Premium 30 Year Term

Premium Whole of Life

Legal & General £150,000 £11.00 £135.05
Zurich £150,000 £11.35 £71.55
Vitality £150,000 £11.38 £84.58
Aegon £150,000 £11.47 £83.07
Royal London £150,000 £11.64 £88.07
LV £150,000 £11.65 £65.67
Note: Based on a 35 year old non-smoker. Correct as of May 2016.

As you can see the price of whole life cover is considerably more expensive than term cover.

So your decision was (before what I’m going to show you):

  • Pay £11.00 a month for a Term policy (with around 1-2% chance of £150,000 payout i.e death within 30 years)


  • Pay £65.67 a month for a Whole Life policy (with 100% chance of £150,000 payout i.e death at ANY time)

If you felt you needed something but were limited by budget, which one would you choose?

Probably the £11 a month term policy!

And that’s the problem.

“I can’t afford that!”

Being a parent myself I completely understand we have strict budgets and sometimes we need to draw the line somewhere.

I feel that concern.

But it doesn’t take away from the fact that the value offered by whole of life insurance is far better.

Whole of Life Insurance Has 2 Major Benefits

Benefit One

It protects your child against your death while they’re still young and dependent on you.

Benefit Two

In the likely-hood that you don’t die, it leaves that amount of cover as a guaranteed cash inheritance.

Is there a way to have all the benefits offered by whole of life insurance, but at a much lower cost?

Yes, let me show you…

The NEW Way

I want to show you how you can get 67% off your whole of life premium.

But first, let me show you the difference a 67% discount makes to that premium.

Check out these price comparisons of Term VS Whole of Life for a 35-year-old non-smoker.

Whole Life Comparison AFTER Discount


Cover Amount


Vitality Optimiser £150,000 £31.21
LV £150,000 £65.67
Scottish Widows £150,000 £68.32
Zurich £150,000 £71.55
AIG £150,000 £72.33
Aegon £150,000 £83.07
Royal London £150,000 £88.07
Legal & General £150,000 £135.05
Note: Based on a 35 year old non-smoker. Correct as of May 2016.

So by applying Vitality Optimiser to whole of life insurance to get a 67% discount, makes it makes less than half the price of the next cheapest quote!

This means creating a wonderful inheritance, like £150,000 for your child, could now be within your reach.

Your Decision Now Is This

  • Pay £11.00 a month for a Term policy (with around 1-2% chance of £150,000 payout i.e death within 30 years)


  • Pay £31.21 a month for a Whole Life policy (with 100% chance of £150,000 payout i.e death at ANY time)

Does that that huge saving tip whole of life insurance within your budget?

“This could now make creating a wonderful inheritance, like £150,000 for your child, within your reach.”

Why a 67% discount and what’s the catch?

Ok let me explain some important points.

The highest discount of 67% is reserved for people under 45 years old. This is because as we age the risk to the insurer is higher.

Discounts are available for over 45’s – they’re just slightly less.

The additional discount of 67% is by combining 2 options called ‘Vitality Optimiser’ & ‘Interest Rate Optimiser’.

This discount means that it’d be 67% cheaper vs signing up to Vitality’s standard premium – similar to that of other insurers and shown in the first comparison table in this article.

However by adding Interest Rate Optimiser your premiums will change depending on the long term 20 year bank of England spot rate.

It is complicated to understand at first but looking at some side-by-side comparisons is always a good thing to do.

Important note about Interest Rate Optimiser

The premium will gradually increase each year.

However for someone age 35 today engaging with Vitality and getting Gold status, it’d take 46 years to be paying the same premium than if they didn’t include the interest rate optimiser.

In real terms for a 35 year old the premium will reduce from £84 a month to just £31 a month.

Go to Vitality’s premium comparison tool to check your numbers.

Obviously it’s very likely that if you’re an active parent you’d struggle not to get value from Vitality Optimiser.

And this doesn’t take into consideration the cash back, rewards and not to mention the possibility of living a longer life with less chance of serious illness!

So in summary to leave £150,000 legacy for your family under ‘normal’ circumstances LV= would have provided the best value at £65 a month.

However if we were to choose Vitality and Optimize the premium with then we’d reduce this right down to £31 a month.

So do you think that the new option offered by Vitality would tip the scales in favour of Whole of Life?

If you’d like to speak to me about this feel free to request a call here.

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*Cover Magazine :there were 27,400 underwritten whole of life policies sold in 2014 compared to 832,935 term life insurance policies sold in the same year.

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