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Is Life Insurance for Mums a Waste of Money?

It’s a surprisingly common belief that life insurance for mums – specifically stay at some mums – is an unnecessary expense because it’s though that life insurance is only needed for the main income earner.

But imagine this. What if your child woke up tomorrow and you weren’t there for them from that day onwards.

What would happen to the family?

What would you want for your child’s future?

How to Get Free Cinema Tickets with Life Insurance

Have you seen the price of a trip to the cinema lately? At my local Cineworld the price of two adults and two children’s tickets now costs around £28!

If you’re anything like me you probably think that’s expensive, so I’d like to show you how you can get these ticket’s for free – saving around £9 per adult and £5 per child every week.

But before I do I need to tell you…there is a ‘catch’.