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Who are Suremum

Our story starts in 2015 when Sion & Emily, the founders of Suremum made an interesting observation.

When you apply for insurance you’re asked a number of health question to see if you qualify for the ‘standard’ premium. But once you’re covered no matter how you choose to look after your health after this date, you will always continue to pay the same.

It’s a fact that people who look after their health are less likely to get sick and/or make a claim on their insurance. So why do they continue pay the same as everyone else?

We believe active Mums, Dads and children who like to exercise and look after their health should be recognised for doing so with lower premiums and ongoing rewards.

It has to be recognised that it’s not just about protecting against the worst case scenario – it’s about preventing something happening in the first place!

This is where being active and healthy has so many advantages. We all know that engaging in a more healthy and active life can reduce the chances of suffering from the 3 biggest killers in the UK; cancer, stroke and heart disease – and therefore reduce the chances of ever needing the insurance in the first place!

So unlike others in our industry who focus on protection from the ‘worst case scenario’ – being parents ourselves we like to look at the positives that healthy and active people are less likely to make a claim, are cheaper for the insurer to look after and make far better customers.

We believe active families are healthier families.

We believe active families deserve something in return for their premiums, even if they don’t make a claim.

We believe active families deserve something more than the ‘average’ offering.

We believe active families deserve to pay less.

Fortunately if you’re an active person you can have all this, and we’d love to show you more.

And that’s why was created.

*Childhood Bereavement Network
**Legal & General Value of a Parent 2015

Meet the People Behind Suremum

  •  2014-09-09-08-43-38
    Emily Carwardine

    Founder, customer manager, social media ‘guru’ & mum of two Emily ‘retired’ from her role as a sales manager for a major house builder in early 2014 to become a full time stay-at-home mum. Her and Sion are engaged and in addition to bringing up their two wonderful sons Morgan & Calum, Emily also works at Suremum and can often be found at her PC engaging with our Facebook fans, sending emails, managing our users questions & comments or planning our next social media campaign.

  •  2014-07-01-10-21-41
    Sion John

    Founder, insurance consultant & dad of two, Sion has 10 years experience in the finance and insurance industry. He has more recently forged a successful career in marketing of insurance services.  Combined with his love of healthy living and exercise, he’s now keen to make his mark with Suremum by helping like-minded UK families get financially protected for less.  Sion believes it’s about prevention and not just insuring against the worst case scenario. He say’s “As busy parents it’s easy to lose control of our health but it’s our job to set good a example for our kids by being active, eating well and staying fit and healthy.” He continues, “every parent wants to be around for their child long into the future… setting healthy habits in early life will help prevent illness, extend our lives and that of our kids too – plus being fit and active is fun!” In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his fiancée Emily and the family taking his eldest son to football, tennis, swimming and Junior Park Run. Sion also enjoys regularly exercising outdoors and keeping fit with British Military Fitness.